The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching

“Because as a class they strongly believe they are not the future. They are right now. And their education is not something they should use in the future, someday. It should matter right now.”

What a powerful quote, I cannot tell you how excited I was just to read The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching not to mention how exciting it must have been to watch the inter-workings of this project-based learning unfold.   As a teacher, this is what we strive for; students to be invested in their learning, to inquire, to collaborate.  Reading this post reconfirms the power behind project-based learning and how beneficial it can be.
Even more powerful than the post itself, was the video by Chris Lehmann.  Mr. Lehmann introduced the idea of allowing students to learn by encouraging what they are good at.  By becoming “authentic agents” and constructing hands-on models of their learning, students teach us as they share their vision.  My favorite idea of the video is that classrooms should be “lenses” that open our eyes to learning; to critically thinking.
I am very excited to use project-based learning in the classroom.  I believe project-based learning can be beneficial in all aspects of teaching.  May it be constructing a rap to better understand a mathematical concept or becoming the “expert” in your family culture, project-based learning can be utilized in every subject matter and at any grade level; enhancing collaboration, communication, and connections.  I encourage teachers to watch Lehmann’s video and focus on why we are teaching and what we want our students to really walk away with.  I believe it is time well spent!
Education is Broken

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