Autism Speaks

I cried as I watched this video. I cried because Evan has an amazing story and I cried because not all children with autism will be as fortunate. 😦
I am so thankful I get to work with my new students every day and learn how fortunate we really are. They have taught me more than I could ever teach them.



2 thoughts on “Autism Speaks

  1. This was a great video – I’m so glad that you shared it! I’m doing my research topic on rates of bullying Autistic students after inclusion and it has been incredibly depressing. I thought (hypothesized, I guess!) that rates of bullying would decrease if inclusion was introduced in the younger grades. Your video gives me hope! It was refreshing to watch this in the midst of my lit review. Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Hard work, patience, and a positive attitude” – this is a great motto not only for him to get through high school, but for all of us to consider. Thank you Evan

    Hard work – we need to take initiative and ownership of our day to day learning. We need to not skate-by because that does not help our colleagues or those we will touch each day. Hard work is an important attribute that I hope every person contributing to society takes seriously. Patience – This helps in the workplace where there may be times of frustration if we do not see eye to eye with another, or if we have a learning curve on a new subject area. A positive attitude – it is contagious. It will help stay physically and emotionally healthy. Students can detect a vibe from the adults around them, if the adult likes the people they are working with, the subject they teach, their life, etc. It is healthy and important to have a positive attitude and it will make things easier and more pleasant to pursue our dreams and ideas

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