A First Year Teacher’s Dream…Pinterest

As a teacher, new or old, one is always looking for new and exciting ways to teach a lesson.  Pinterest is a wonderful PLN where teachers can share ideas, lessons, classroom activity resources,and educational links with teachers from across the country to around the world.

I have played with Pinterest in the past and found it to be a wealth of information, yet very overwhelming.  I have found myself looking for one topic and getting lost in the amount of ideas and hours later no closer to what I was looking for (but had pinned many, many things).  I believe if one plans to use it, it is important to create boards of interest.  In doing this, you can stay organized by topics as it is quite easy to end up with hundreds of pins and a big mess!

One of the boards I particularly like is http://pinterest.com/medkharbach/.  This board provides information on technology for teachers; for both in the classroom as well as for teacher advancement.

I originally joined Scoop.it for my PLN and did not like it and I have never been a fan of Twitter;  Pinterest, unlike the others, offers me the ability to view and search information of interest in a manner that I feel very user friendly and visually appealing.  I highly recommend checking it out if you have not already done so!



3 thoughts on “A First Year Teacher’s Dream…Pinterest

  1. Dear Teacher,
    Awesome post, and I LOVE your blog theme. So awesome. I joined Pinterest because all of the things other teachers were doing that they found there. So many cool ideas!
    Thanks for posting this! You are awesome! Keep on teaching, Teacher!
    Love, Teacher

  2. I am curious to hear your opinion (and others’ opinion) on the fact that Pinterest is still blocked by many school districts’ networks, due to its “social” nature. Do you think this will ever change? Obviously there’s no way to monitor whether a user is pinning a science experiment or a cupcake martini recipe on company time, but is the “need” for Pinterest so strong that the rules may be bent or changed someday?

  3. I am fortunate that MCPS does not block Pinterest. I understand the blocking of sites such as facebook, however I do not understand blocking sites such as Pinterest. There is a wealth of information that teachers can use and should be able to access at any given moment. If school systems block Pinterest, they should block YouTube as well; both sites although “social” in nature have too many resources that are beneficial for the classroom. In blocking sites such as these, I feel school systems are doing a disservice to both the teachers and students. The bottom line is as teachers we dont have time to surf the net for martini recipes, we barely have time to use the restroom. However, if I need to download an amazing activity that I found on Pinterest the night before, I should be able to do so. Many social media networks are also personal learning networks for teachers and school districts should see them as such.

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