Response to “Giving Relectant Student a Voice”

I can remember sitting in my seat, hoping, praying, “Please don’t call on me.” You see, I was the student who always needed a little bit more time to process things, the one who needed more “think time.”  Even to this day, I wait until the last minute to write a paper, not necessarily because I have been procrastinating (although that has been known to happen) but because I have been pondering, exploring, organizing the ideas in my head and figuring out what I wanted to say.  It is not very often that I contribute in class.  When I do, I feel my body get warm and my mouth get dry; questioning if what I was trying to say actually came out or did I make no sense at all?
Today’s technological advances, such as blogs and online discussions, allow for the uncomfortable student like myself, the time to process and formulate thoughts into coherent well thought-out responses.  The article was very eye opening and presented a new opportunity to engage students in open discussions.  Providing this alternative or additional opportunity for classroom discussion opens a new door for collaboration, participation, and student confidence.  A must read for all teachers!


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